Work, with a side of more work

Work, with a side of more work

Lately, I've been thinking about how we work. What bings us value and why we do what we do at work during the "Great Resignation".

Up until last week, I did not believe the "Great Resignation" was real. Then someone on my team quit for damn near the same salary but, much better working conditions. I was taking to my wife about it and one of the biggest reasons they quit was time off and vacation. We got to talking about vacations and realized that in the last few years, (including pre-2020 times) we hadn't taken much of any time for a trip or vacation. No substantial time off the clock.

I like to work, I really do. I like to bring value to others, develop systems and processes, create new products and ideas. I am a 7w8. It hit me hard that without slowing down to enjoy everything else in life, working non-stop is losing game.

One of my goals as I grow products myself and have people who work for me is to provide ample time off, and take ample time off to refresh and recharge. With today's world of constant go and never stop, it is more important than ever to slow down and enjoy the good life.

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