New Series: Marine Freight & The BCO

Over the last year I have noticed more and more that beneficial cargo owners (BCO's) have had the maritime transportation side of the industry hidden from their eyes by 3PL's or truckers. I am starting a new series on Marine Freight and The BCO to help explain the what happens between the shipping lines, terminals, truckers, rail roads, and you as your cargo gets closer to its destination.

BCO's have a general understanding of the maritime freight process: the ships gets offloaded to a terminal and a truck picks up the cargo from there. In a normal supply chain, this level of knowledge is sufficient to perform a normal operation. However, in this new logistics economy of limited chassis, truckers, warehouse space, BCO's are now being thrown into the deep end of learning how the system works the hard way. I am here to share my expertise and explain what happens in the hidden industry.

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